Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Half a year left.

Yes. I do know, that there is still more than 6 months before I will be needing a promdress, but I can't help but look. I'm probably a bit late, actually. I know plentiful of people that already have their dresses! That's a bit boring if you ask me, there is nothing better than looking at prettiful clothing, and of that, I'm sure.
When it comes to my dress, I have a lot of thoughts! I want something really sweet - and less promish. It can't be in the colour red, dark blue or baby green <- that's what everyone have. I want mine to be gold, orange or yellow. Something that really catches your eye! The style I want is a bit Victorian, think like how they dressed in the 1800 - like royalty!  I might need to sew my own dress, which could be fun - or a disaster.

Why looking through Etsy ( WOOP-WOOP, big surprise) I found this little beauty though! Vintage, baby pink, romantic - but nothing like I've imagined!
 It's so lovely, I think I'll melt. The price? A bit out of my range at $825, but still.
Knowing my family though, I think I will end up buying this instead, and get my own touch to it.
I want to feel like a princess, if even just for the day.

Dollythe ze doll.

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