Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes we find things, that we adore. Things that we would love to own, but never get around to buy. Things we forget about for awhile,
and then, few months later suddenly remembers! Sadly, it's too late, and we can't find the thing we once adored.
Well, I will not let that happen to me, once again. This wallet is for me, and someday, it will be mine.

It's pink. With a unicorn, rainbow and hearts. I think I just saw how heaven will be like. Colourful. Lovey-dovey.

$20 at Modcloth, and woop-woop, only 1 left!


An London outfit of the day, from a few days ago! Gosh, it's been over 2 weeks already! It feels like yesterday, that I was walking the streets of the GREATEST place in Europe - London! Going back ASAP! Easter? Oh, yeah!

And the outfit? Totally Primark. Everything.
Peter Pan Collar t-shirt - £5
Beige skirt - £10 now £5
Mary Janes - £14 now £6
Yellow bag -  £7 now £3

I loooooove that bag. Greatest bag ever. Why? IT HAZ FREAKIN' PONIES INSIDE! I will make a blog-post about that someday, 'cause you all have to see that. It's amazing.

On other things, I'm trying to make my doodles with another black, thicker marker, but I think I like my old way of doing them better! I guess I just have to do a few more until I know for sure!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

(hearts) stickerflakes!

I've collected tons of different things during my years, but my biggest collection have to be my stickers! I've .. too many, if there is something like that. It's only lately i've gotten into kawaii-typed stickerflakes! San-x do the cutest ones! I've also started to really-really like Q-lia lately too, how adorable!

Wanna swap?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



I loved the pon pon pon, and now this.. Gosh, can it get any cuter? That's the japanese for you! ~~

Monday, January 23, 2012