Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cupcake bows!

 Been making bows again today! Somehow, I tend to do that when I get really bored or stressed about things I really should be doing instead. It's so easy to do it lately, as we have gotten the craftroom ready. A sewing machine avaliable at all time - is really great!
 I love this fabric! It's a black satin, with cute little cupcakes! From the beginning - it was a pair of shorts, but as they ripped, I thought I would make something pretty out of it instead! Just enough fabric for 3 bows! So So Happy!
Anyway else up to something fun? No? Aw.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

So not awkward!


Why I love Asos

This little piece of awesomeness is on it's way home to me! I saw it on the asos homepage today, and I just had to have it! £16 normal price, but got 10% off! Bargain, yes indeed! I'm really weak for pattern on clothing, so this made my heart melt directly, hah, did you see what I did there? Melt? Ice Cream? Really mature, thankyou ~~

NEW IN: Asos sale!

 I <3 Asos sale! There is always some great stuff there, if you pass all the .. not-so-good! One of the things I picked up this time is this bag. It's called a 'bowling bag' as it's really thick, and you can fit quite a big amount of things in there! Would be perfect for a laptop - if I had one! I've been looking at this bag for a few months, so I was very very very very happy when I found it in the sale for the amazing price of only £14!

 Nail polish, like always! I've had a weak spot for glitter lately, so the 500 Disco Ball from Rimmel London fitted my taste perfectly! The Purple Pulse is also really sweet, but more of a fall-colour, if you ask me! £2/each!
 Oh, how much I love BarryM! Maybe not the best quality - but way better than much else! The colours are lovely, and I love the glass bottle! This one is the Peach Melba, which isn't really my personal favourite, but it will fit my prom dress, so I had to have it! £3!
Ring, £1.50

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello Prettiful!

Thought the doodles been gone too long, hope you like :> This one is rather old though ^^,


Rainbow-fail-paint, Barry M Nailpaint & Angelica(violet)! Around £3 at drugstores!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Pretty much the best thing to happen to the internet since Rebecca Black.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I thought that I would show you a bit of the things that I bought in london, as that's always fun! These are only the thing-things i bought, I also picked up a few clothing items, but I find clothing a bit hard to show, so this will be enough for now! :>
 Nailpolish! In a summer, pastely rainbow! BarryM nailpaint £2.99/each at boots, but I got the 2 for 3 offer, which was great! Angelica nail colour in Violet from Primark, £2! The MUA pink nailpolish was £1 at superdrug. I think i'll get great use of all of them this summer! :>

 I think the bracelet was my favourite thing that I bought all week! It was from the kids section, but it fits - even a bit big! I'm not going to use those sunglasses, but I really loved the watermelon print, so .. I could not pass them up! They will look pretty on my wall, and worst case scenario - I can give them to my niece! ^^.
 Primark Shutter shades - £1 | Primark Cupcake bracelet - £1 | Artbox Memo Pad - £1.60/each | M&S Hello Kitty yogurt candy - 50p/each| 
Artbox lilliput toys stickersack - £1.50 | Artbox letterset - £1.90 | Artbox Powder case - £1.40!

Mhm, I love colourful shopping!
xox, Dollythe ze doll!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


So beautiful, that I think I'm going to die a little.

Random pics from my londontrip!

 Rilakkuma passport cover, how lovely!
 ^- that is funny, i'm sorry.
 Wonderful Bayswater, I just love this part of town. So quiet, and with tall, beautiful buildings!
 Artbox @ Covent Garden! A lovely shop, with everything from Hello Kitty - to Moomin!
 #1 Macaroon shop in the world. It's the one @Covent Garden, and I loved every second inside of it!
 Covent Garden

 YUMMY! Didn't taste anything like I thought they would! The best ones were the caramell, chocolate and the banana/chocolate one! ^^,
A big Domo-kun decided to follow me home from Artbox, tss. . 

I'm really bad at remembering to use the camera, so sadly, I don't have more pictures than that to show you! Overall, it was a really nice trip, and I can't wait to go back sometime soon! ^^,

hugs, dollythe ze doll.

Call me wapanese.

It's O.K, you can call me a wapanese, but this is simply too awesome. A new song by the ponpon-girl, pure kawaii-fiesta! ^^, I loved the musicvideo to the Ponponpon-song, it was really cute but in a freaky way! This musicvideo is still very kawaii, but less creepy!

I also had to chance to buy a lot of japanese cookies when I was in England, as I had an oriental supermarket just down the road! I love the Mikado-sticks, and the Pocky with banana, the green ones taste like .. nothing but I think the flavor is Green Tea, and it's also rather awkward eating something that's green! >.<'

Friday, April 13, 2012


Been making bows, dealing with homework and upcoming tests, adoring my pineapple skirt (£7.50 @asos),  drinking tea, and paying with pounds! Why? EASTERBREAK IN LONDON, and a girl can't get happier than that. A blogpost of that will be up later!

For now, I'll go and get myself another cup of tea!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I just love this little tiny porcelain-box I picked up a few days ago, at a local charity shop! I don't think that it's a old one, as the print looks kind of .. pixely, but I still really like it! Perfect to store small things in my bag, like earrings or pills! About £1.20, so not bad at all! ^^,