Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hard work-work!

I still go to school, even though i graduated last year! Why? Because its simply so much fun! No, not at all actually - but i kind of have to! You see, i changed my main after the first year, which meant i had to repeat that year! So i stead of three years of swedish highschool, i got four with really easy days! Around 2 lessons each day... Its pretty damn good.

But now and again, i still do have work to do! My mum runs à small bed and breakfast, with a bit of catering! Meaning, this weekend is and Will be busy! People everywhere, cooking, baking ect! On todays meny: à rustic moosestew with snowballpotatoes, garlic&butter carrots and beans! For dessert? Homemade applecake with cinnamon and vanilla custard!

Baking is My department, I also made these raspberry&whitechocolate cupcakes for tomorrow! (: