Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not enough Kawaii!

I live in Sweden, I know, that sentence is just too sad, but that's the case. It's a hard time finding japanese-inspired clothes around here, and for someone that lives on the countryside - it's even harder! THANK GOD, for online-shops! I like ordering clothes from other countries, a buy A LOT from England, but I find it a bit hard to order japanese things, as I don't get the language! So .. instead you turn to Talkingclothes.se, which is one of the few swedishbased online-stores that sell kawaii things!

This is one of my favourite things, you can find a better picture here - and I promise, it's not doodled by me!
It's going directly on my wishlist for christmas!



  1. just saw the pieces on their kigus. I-N-S-A-N-E X_X I much rather import!

  2. I'm a swapbot swapper coming by to see your blog. What a wonderfully playfully colorful blog. Sweet!