Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why we love ebay!

 I am absolutely in-love witht his Rilakkuma pillow! The tag is so very cute, that I don't dare to take it off - i might lose it, you know! It costed me $25 with free shipping from Ebay, which is ... let's face it: Nothing at all, for something as cute as this!

Dollythe ze doll!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What awesome people do...

Hauls! Host! Giveaways! Everything makes me oh-so-happy, and filled with that childish feeling we all used to feel around christmas time when we were younger!
Earlier today I found the cutest little blog, for you kawaii-loving people out there! Really someone to keep an eye on! And enter the free giveaway? Who knows, it might be someones happy-happy day! ^^,
Her name is Miss Vyvy, and you can find her blog here ~~

Look at those Dolly winks? Goosh! Me loves! The fing i like most gotta' be the small Hello Kitty figures, My niece would love those!

Hugs, Dollythe

Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I wish i bought as christmasgifts!

Holiday-time, cheerfulness, shopping. Everything goes hand in hand. Not many days left now 'til the big day. Christmas eve, Saturday. I'm going to spend this year at my sisters house for the first time, and I think that will be lovley. She got two little cuties, so she feels like it's her turn now. We have up 'til now always been at home, and that's been quite nice, but It's time for a change, indeed. As the time is ticking, the time is running out! Christmas presents! Oh, noes! I'm not done yet, but .. it will turn out good I think! I'm waiting for a order I made with ASOS, which have my mums christmas presents! If i did have some more than though, I found the most lovely gifts online!

 For my brother. 
He looooooooves jelly beans! And this would just be agggrh .. too much awesomeness. 

 For my bestfriend.
Why? She is the bestest of friends, but a bit .. too morbid at times. Nothing wrong with liking cereal-killers? nuuh-uh!

Dollythe, xxx.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Craving: Velvet.

Now and again, I get the urge to buy stuff. Completely different thingies, but still oh-so-necessary. Since I made my darkred, little-riding-hood-cape for halloween, that craving have been things made out of velvet. Dresses, bags - you name it! Soo .. after what have felt like hours, just browsing random clothing sites, and found something. Something great. Something that would make me so so happy. And what is is then? Yes. Easy.
 ... a sailor top MADE OUT OF VELVET. It have the lovely collar and everything! My size, In stock, at Asos. But .. now the hard part. It's from this really unique brand called YMC - and it cost £165. I will never be able to afford that. Not today, not tomorrow. If you're lucky though, you can get it here.
Hurry up, can't be many left as it says low stock! :<


Saturday, December 3, 2011


Been searching for the perfect dress or pattern for my graduation-prom, and I think i finally found it! (THANK YOU ETSY, ILOVEYOULOTS!) I've always wanted something vintage-like, something that no-one else in my tiny little town will wear! Something big and poofy! But I've come to my senses. .. A perfectly nice 50's dress will do just fine me thinks! And this is the pattern:
 It cost about $15 with shipping, which is not too bad, now i just have to find a fabric that I like. Colour? I'm thinking rainbow.

With sparkles, Dollythe.

Things I don't have the money for at the moment.

December must be the worst months of them all, when it comes to treating yourself. I'm not that into Christmas, but I love the Christmas shopping! I love searching the internet for things to buy for my loved ones, and friends! Sadly though, right now, I just find things for myself! Like this for example!

 Yumtella earrings, $11. 
Do I even have to explain these? Must be one of the cleverest things I have ever seen with my own eyes! I can't even remember how many times I've eaten right out of the jar with a big spoon. Grr ... yummy.

You can buy them at SassynPunk boutique, 
and they are not even that pricey! If they still have them after the newyears, I will probably treat myself to them! 'Cause you know what? I totally deserve that, yayayaya!
If you're not a nutella-fan, they have lots and lots of different choices! Cupcakes, Hello Kitty-ones, and so on!

Hugs and kisses, Dollythe.