Friday, March 30, 2012


 I just how pretty they all look! Bows, rabbits and birds - all in fancy, girly colours! They were down from £2.99-3.99 each to just £1 each! Amazing! And everything smells really nice, fruity and girly! My fave is the body lotion with birdies and bunnies!  Picked them up a few days ago, so they'll probably still out in the stores, hopefully on sale!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Homework, tired and hungry. No, let's back more bows instead! YAY HAPPY MOOD!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012


It's been an AWESOME day, pretty much! I turned 18 on the 2th of September, but my Bestie gave me my birthdaygift at school today! Something legen ... wait for it ... DARY!

 THE FREAKIN' BRO CODE! Such a funny book, really! If I'm going to be honest : I wasn't even sure that it really existed one, I kind of thought it was just an ongoing joke in HIMYM! So Happy to get this though, it's really funny!
 ^- incorrect.
 ^- my fave, soo true.

I also got pretty cards with James Dean & Ingrid Bergman, some mini smarties, and my cookie-jar back! The stickers you can see in the background came in the mail today, something like $1 from ebay!

Happy girl, totally!

xox, dollythe ZE BRO

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sunday is my day of nothingness. I rarely have something important to do, and I rarely stay in bed for long either - as I have school on mondays. So, Sundays are my whateverdays, sometimes boring, sometimes fun, sometime useful! Today I've been a rather nice little girl, actually got something done for a change which is nice! I took pictures of stuff to put on ebay, I did the groceryshopping for my granny, sent out  letters and a package, cleaned my room, bought spotify .. which is more than I usually do on Sundays.

Oh, and I also did this!
 Just a simple little hairbow, made out of leftover hotpink velvet!

... I like how my editing made the bow look a different colour in each photo! The first one, is the one that looks most correct, if you're wondering! I love making bows, and I've made quite a few actually! It's so easy, and a nice thing to add to an outfit! My collection of bows are rather big at this moment, maybe I should show it off? ^^,

I also sent out a bunch of letters, for a penpal and swaps! I just LOVE those Miki - envies, they are way too cute to use! Coffee, tea, or me? ^^, I bought them at Janetstore, for something like $0.88 for 4 envies! Rather cheap, me thinkies.

xox, dollythe ZE DOLL!


I just have to share this picture with the world. It's from a few days ago, we had a big gap with no lessions, so I pop'd into one of my local supermarkets with a friend. Walking past the fruitsection, what did I find? HELLO KITTY APPLESLICES!

How cute isn't that? They had two different versions, one with Hello Kitty that I just had to have, and one with Star Wars, which my Bestie Amalia (you can find her blog here) picked up! So cute, and so much more fun than buying a normal, boring apple! £1 each, totally worth it!

.. couldn't really help but to pick up some dark chocolate as well, mmmmhmm, marabou!

ooo, dollythe ZE DOLL!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reasons to believe that good people do exist.

Swap-bot. A community for swap-crazy people. I've been a member for a about half a year, and I'm addicted already. Sometime you get oh-so-mean people, that will never send you anything. But once in a while, you will get a lovely partner, that will send you something that will make your heart filled with glee. One of those moments happened to me a few days ago! I set up a private kawaii swap with a girl, and this is what I got:

I am totally in love with the crux memo-pad! It's just too cute! I also really love the decotape with My Melody! .. 'cause you can never have enough tape!

If you want to swap with me/are a member of Swap-bot, please let me know ^^,

xoxo, Dollythe THE DOLL. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ompfh, home at last! Been away for a couple of days - to Tallinn, Estonia, of all places. Why, you might ask? My mum made me. A ''girls trip'' with just her girls, getting away. Apparently she think that a weekend on a boat with drunk people is a good, relaxing mini-holiday! Well, well! I did have fun with my sister, even though things didn't really turn out so very great. First of all I forgot my camera at home, and I didn't have time to pick up an ipod from my friends, as we were running out of time.

5 hours of bus, 1 night on a boat, 1 day in Tallinn, 1 night on a boat, 5 hours of bus home. Yay.

The shopping in Tallinn was kind of so-so, atleast for me. I don't really like handi-crafted stuff, and I'm no fan of streetsellers. I did however managed to go into a real SANRIO-STORE! Made my day, as we don't have them here in Sweden. The shop was pretty small, but the people working there was really sweet! They only stocked Hello Kitty things though, which I find is a bit sad, as I like other sanrio-characters much better! I also went to Zara, found the cutest peterpan-collared dress in navy, tried it on, fell in love. In the end I didn't buy it, as the price tag was around 55. I do regret that though.
In the end I didn't buy a lot of things. No real reason, but I guess I'm saving for something really special ~~

 This is what I bought in the sanrio-shop!
 A cute little Hello Kitty Plushie, I think this was about €7.50, and it was on sale. Reason? My Christmas Hello Kitty is getting a bit lonely, so I thought she needed a friend.

 A Hello Kitty memo-pad! Yay! This was €1.50, which is rather cheap, I think. On the boat, they had the same on for almost €4. That's really odd if you ask me, as it was a Taxfree shop.
 NAILPOLISH! <3 These ones were actually bought in Sweden, on our way home. They were having a sale, so all the IsaDora nailpolish was down from £6.50-£7 to just £2! Made me really happy! I really like the ''185 Spellbound Black'' one. The name of it is really magical, and the colour comes of black on the nails - but under sunlight it's all blue and shimmerly!
A bow necklace. Statement piece in my wardrobe. Was on sale in some estionian-clothes store for kids. €0.99! Perfect, if you ask me! I didn't have a plain, gray one! 

Anyway, xox, Dollythe THE DOLL.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Like crazy.

I thought that I would never apologize for not blogging, but lately, I've not been feeling rather talkative. Something in the air, I guess. And now I find myself on the last day of my schoolbreak, trying to share something witty and cute with you, and the only thing I can think of is this movie. 

I cried like crazy. It's the best movie I've seen in a very long time, everything just feels so very perfectly heartbreaking. It's beautiful, sad and touching at the same time. The music is fantastic! I've been a fan of Stars for quite some time, and their song ''Dead Hearts'' fits like a glove.

... and if that's not enough. Nobody can say no to Anton Yelchin, am I right? ^^,