Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25 hours to go!

In nothing more than 25hours, I will be 18. Which means there is no-more time for being childlish, pink, ungrateful, lazy or blue-minded. It's time for tight suits, heavy make-up, smokey-smokey, drinking, work.
Still atleast 1 year of school left, atleast 1 year of not having to think for myself. Atleast, atleast.

Stayed home from school today though, because I had too. Did homework though, so i'm proud of myself. Well .. I kind of did, and then I played. Not a lot, but a few. League of legends are way less fun without a working headset, it's no fun if you can't make fun of others.
I can't wait.

Dollythe the doll.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's been a meh-day, I mean a ME-day. Took a day of school, 'cause i didn't feel like going in, not in the mood to face people. No, it's not 'ditching', I never intended to go. How lovely, right? So instead of being a good-school-gal, i've been doing absolutely nothing, I find that oh-so-much-fun. I have to go to school tomorrow though, and even though a got a new cute bag from asos a couple of hours ago, I really don't want to. I'm sick of the yellow hallway already, weehoo. One year to go,  boom-boom-boom.
( homemade needlecrafted bows, pacgirl moneysaver, fave CD <- Billie the vision and the dancers)
dum dum drum dumdumdum-dum, drum-drum-drum uhuhuh durrm, dum. 

Dollythe the doll.

Monday, August 29, 2011

In it to win it.

Been a long day, and I don't really feel like sharing anything with the world. Calling in sick tomorrow, yes. Yes I will.

So short, but oh-so-cute.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

OOTD; There is nothing worse than normal.

It's been a meh-weekend for me, with a lot of work and less computer-time.
Fun, at times. Right now? Not too much. I'm deadly tired, after serving hungry enduro-people food out in the woods, in heavy rain - which is something I normally like, but I didn't enjoy it at all. Too bad, huh?

My OOTD, gotta' love my rainboots, huh? They are bright limegreen, with rainbows inside of them. Awesome.

Sunday afternoon, back to school tomorrow. Yay.

Dollythe the doll.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Numbers and figures take up all my time.

First week of school - CHECK!

Everything above; bought @ Ebay
It's been a long week, and I'm feeling oh-so-tired at this very moment. My friends wanted me to join them for the annual firefestival this evening, but I couldn't go, due to work, but I guess that is for the best either way, I can barely keep my eyes open. It's only 10pm, daamn ~~ I'm going to try to grab an early night, have to wake up around 6am tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to that. IT's SATURDAY, should be able to sleep 'til 4pm. 

Sleep. Now.

Dollythe the doll.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Longing for lolita

Since I graduate this year, I think this is a perfect time to finally buy the thing I have been longing for - for so-very-long. A lolita-styled JSK. Everyone is going to walk around in pretty white dresses, and there I will be, in something cheerfully colourful. Myes, I would like that a lot. Small-town-people, watch out! I'm not sure of what style I should go for though, due to I wouldn't look cute at all in knee-socks, and it's probably going to be really warm (Hopefully a big lie, i would love for it to rain, giving frizzy hair to everyone, yay) so petticoats might be a no-no, which I find very sad. I love tutus, underskirts, petticoats - but I only have three of them (black, peachy-peach & light electric blue). My first thought was to get a white dress (!) and then just pair it with a colourful underskirt and some pretty shoes, but i can't really make up my mind.
I think this is really pretty though
That thing is home-made by one of the bloggers i follow (which I think everyone should check out, the girl is a big inspiration, and she makes really cute jewellery), but you understand the style though, right? Sweet and really girly lolita, adorable! I really believe that I would feel pretty awesome in a dress like that. I love the fact that the print is made and not store bought too, that way no-one will have the same thing. I could probably sew one, if I ever leave my computer for long enough, which I doubt I will. On the other hand, no-one around here even know the word 'lolita', so i will be fine if I buy one online too. Sadly, i'm from a H&M wearing town, and it is nothing wrong with that, right?

I guess I just have to think about it some more, that's all c:

Dollythe the doll. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If I said I feel happy, how would you feel?

Been feeling like a total sleepyhead today. Third day of school, and already tired. Always look on the bright side of life, na na na na na <- we got one week off school soon, well .. 68 days or so, but that's soon right?
Don't have anything that i'm going to do that week, due to the England-plans not working out, but i'm always happy about not having to spend my days in a yellow-hell-hole. It's oh-so-sad, really.
I just adore this little orange thingy that i got from Asos a few days before school started, it looks so perfectly preppy! Looks even better with my lovely bowprinted tights, atleast I think so.
And did you know what? I AM FREAKIN' AWESOME AT DRAWING SHOES. Tee-hee.

Dollythe the doll.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To hell with this, i'm out of here.

Tuesday, meep. Second day of school is already over, thank god. It's fun to meet everyone, but i'm not happy to be back at school. Don't think that I'm the only one that feels like that though. It will be the last year however, and I'm already looking forward to picking out a prom-dress and all that. People are already picking out a graduation-cap, I am not going to get one for the simple reasons;
1. It is overly pricey.
2. I want a mini-version/tiara. 
It is my day, so I should be allowed to feel like a princess, right-oo~~?

I'm to tired to think at the moment, I guess it is time to go to bed, embrace the fact that i'm sehr müde at the moment. 

Dollythe the doll

Monday, August 22, 2011

OOTD fúr skewl.

Back to school, ring the bell, na na na na na na, i can tell that we're going to be friends, nananna
^ that was my attempt to remember the lyrics to one of the best songs with The White Stripes.
I'm happy that this day is finally over, even though it was rather nice being back at school, meeting up with everyone, eating pizza c:
.. and this was what i wore, minus the weird-looking boots, decided to go with black tights&not-so-odd-looking-boots instead, because apparently it is still summer. 

Dollythe ze doll.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A time for tests,, not sure if I like it yet but atleast you have to give it a try, yes? I do think that it is easier to upload pictures over there, rather than directly to the blog and it is way better if i want to use them again. On the other hand though, i'm not that great with pictures, and when I do take them - i edit the crap out of them. Makes them look prettier, and I like that.

.. and here comes something even prettier! My little niece turned 4 years old this week, so I was the one given the task to make her a birthdaycake, which i was really glad about, until i realized how bad I am at cakes.
Oddly shaped strawberry, pink&muddy cakie, cupcake shaped cookie. 

ZE CAKE. Maybe the ugliest cake I have ever made, due to the fact that my brother ate the white chocolate i was going to use for the filling, but I like the pink top-colour. I am really-really proud of the cookies i made though, they look like cute little cupcakes c: I think my niece liked the pink colour, but she didn't have time, because she was a princess - and they don't have time for food.

Dollythe the doll.

And then we're back again.

Sunday morning, well, i'm not sure if i can call this morning due to the fact that it is only 00.27 here.
Here, middle-of-nowhere, the country of neutralness, Sweden.