Thursday, November 10, 2011

Quackie Quackide Quack!

There is somethings that you can't help that you like. Something that always brings a smile to your face, even how stupid it might look or seem. That's the feeling I get when I look at these pretty little thingies. I wish i could own them all, and just cuddle them all night long! All pictures are borrowed from Quacked Plush homepage, I have no rights at all!


They have a lot of different types, all for $26! I think Christmaspresents.


Dollythe ze doll.


  1. Hi, <3 Blog Comment partner here.
    I have to say those are absolutely adorable! I love the concept!
    I think the panda is my favorite! - Fickity Twists

  2. These are so cute. I'm an American living in Ukraine. It took me forever to figure out what the whole Kawaii thing was. I kept hearing about it on the internet, on blogs and just around. I think I know now that it is a style of absolute "cute." I really like the ring below too. It is so blingy and I love bling. When I craft I put it on everything.

    BTW, I'm following you too. Hope you'll come by and check out my crafty blog and follow me back.

    cheers, Coleen in Ukraine
    s-b, Blog Comment Lovers