Tuesday, February 28, 2012


.. And people say Ben&Jerry are a girls best friend. They have clearly not met Paul&Joe. Look just how pretty that bottle looks! £10 £5 at Asos! I think it's from the winter-collection, but for me, that colour screams 'SUMMER!' ~~

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Cost almost as much as 1 month allowance, and it's only my size left. I think I see a pattern there!
If you're lucky, you can still get it at Topshop ~~


Models Own, in Emerald City.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Apperently we got a new baby Princess on Thursday, .. I didn't even know the Crown Princess was pregnant. Anyhow, Welcome to the world Princess Estelle! ^^,

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is exactly why I <3 Ebay & Etsy! I've been on a hunt for a cute, non-expensive vintage dress for quite awhile now, but I've not been able to find anything. Either it's not been my style, or not the right size, or too pricey. One day, I finally found something. A really punkish skaterdress with a pleated skirt, velvet collar and cuffs, in the perfect winter-colours. My size. $10, perfect vintage condition. I was so-so very happy about this. Without much thought, I bought it, and last week it finally got to me!  Fitted like a glove! Nothing to complain about! ^^,

I got the bag from Ebay. I've been looking for this bag for quite some time, after seeing it on other blogs (Cupcake's Clothes have one, in a tan colour). I found one on a swedish site, called Talking Clothes, but that one was a bit expensive for me at £40! I found another one from a british webshop called Temporary Secretary for £18! In the end, I got my from Ebay for around £6! It's not the best of quality, but it's not a bag I'm going to use everyday, so I don't really mind that. Just a fun little thing.

SO SO CUTE right? ^^,

hugs, dollythe THE DOLL.

Monday, February 20, 2012

OOTD: a bad one.

I .. don't know what happened. This doodle is nothing like I wanted it to be, it really doesn't look like me, that's for sure. I should probably not post it, but in lack of other things, I'll post it anyways!

I bought the dress in London, at Primark. It was reduced to £5 from £12-15, I can't really remember. I just love the warm, orange colour with the gold buttons, which I made black in the picture, for some odd reason.
I love skater-dresses, and this one is adorable on! It's a bit short on me though, which is rather weird, as I'm only 5''2/158cm.

The shoes are just some old Mary Jane pumps I bought ages ago!

xx, Dollythe THE DOLL.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maybe someday.

Not my cup of tea, but he haz pretty glasses.


Ouchie, that hurts, you see, my lovely little niece were here the other day. I was opening a packaged I got from Ebay, with Hello Kitty stickers inside. She looked at me and said ''Why do you have soo much Hello Kitty? aren't you too old for that?''. I'm not going to lie, that felt bad. Terribad. I'm only 18 .. that's mean, nothing like a grown-up, right?

So.. what do you think? Can you get too old for Kawaii-stuff? 

It's not like I have a lot? ^^,

Friday, February 17, 2012


Just a few things I picked up in London last month but totally forgot about showing it off! I really had a great time over there, even though I didn't buy anything that I thought I would! I'd never heard about Paperchase before, but it was really fun shopping in there, and the shop was really close to the hotel too! Christmas-sales were on, so I managed to pick up quite a few things! Artbox was nothing like I thought, but then again, we only went to the tiny on inside Selfridges on Oxford street! I bet the bigger ones are way better!

 || Lunchbox  - Paperchase £3.25 ||
|| Stickersack - Artbox £1.60 ||
|| Panda diary - Paperchase £2 || Sticky notes - Paperchase £1.50 || 50 Plasters - Paperchase £2 || Sticker Tin - Paperchase £1.50 || Kids trivia - Paperchase £1.20 ||
Soo hard questions, yay!
|| Small memopad - artbox £1.60 || Pins - artbox 0.80p/each ||

I really look forward of going there again! ^^, 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Never had models own nailpolish before, as I think it's a  .. bit pricey, for just nailpolish. That was before I realized how very big  the bottle is, and how glittery it is! This one is in Emerald City, and it have a cute, teal-glitterly colour! I really like it! Just takes a few coatings before it looks great, still worth the £3 at Asos though! ^^,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Somedays, everyone just need a big hug. A crushing bear hug. Yummy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dolly darling's cupcakes!

I was one of the VERY VERY lucky winners of Cupcake's Clothes giveaway! It made me so-so happy, as her blog is one of my biggest source of inspiration at the moment! Georgina makes the cutest jewellery! The price was £20 worth of jewellery from her shop - dolly darling! I picked this ring, this necklace and the lucky pack!

 I'm really happy with my choices! The luckypack was so much fun going through, and I liked every single bit she sent me! My favourite thing was the heart earrings with the bow on-top! Look at those faces, ka-waii!

THANKYOU once again ^^, 

And by the way, shipping, was oh-so-fast! My prices were in my mailbox only 3 days after the give-away closed! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012




EEEEEP! Today my graduation cap just arrived! I'm soo happy that it fits! About $60 - and that's a cheap one! Most of my friends have spent more than £100 on their caps!
Oh, and did I say it haz pink inside? ^^,


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Cutest shorts I've ever seen from Topshop, at a pretty fair price too considering the unicorn print, only £34!
Okay. I don't like shorts, but I Need those. End of story.


Once there was a bag that caught my eye. I liked the colour, I liked the style.

I didn't bother opening it, until I got home. What did I Find?


Monday, February 6, 2012


WOOP-WOOP! It came today! Yay! I few days ago I decided to order some things from Janetstore, and here is what I got! I didn't spend much, as it was my first time ordering from that site, but overall I'm happy! I got 11 things, for around £11 which is not too bad, myes? ^^, Most things I got are however for Swapping!

 I <3 the pudding-pin! Makes me think about Giga Puddin! Kawaii ~~

5 sticker sheets, a pencil, a pudding pin, a set of envies, a mini q-lia memo pad, a Hello Kitty blindbox toy!

I might order again, someday. 

(soon ^.^)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The LAST cupcake!

Fridays in my school are since last year known as ''teaparty-fridays''. Meaning some little lucky fellow have to bake something sweet and bring to school on friday. My best friend Amalia was supposed to do it this week, but on Thursday night, she told be that she had forgotten it.
What do I do? I bake. My mum was at work, so I had nothing to hold me back.
I'm a bit sad that I can't show you a better picture, as this one was taken late at night with my xperia mini - meaning no good. Either way, it's a vanilla-lemon sponge, with chocolate frosting and fresh strawberries! <3 Taste just like summer should do!

I love making cupcakes, as it is so very easy! Here above are some I made last year, tee-hee! Rainbows & full chocolate! I should really get used to make something else but chocolate frosting, even though that is what I prefer!

NOMNOMNOM the last one at this very moment, xx.