Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Saturday!

Bohohoh! I just want to start of this bloody boring monday with saying that I had a great weekend!Halloween-party on Saturdaynight, and it was a real treat - for the eyes at least! Spent the whole week preparing - dressmaking, glitterfying-shoes, youtube-tutorial-watching ect! 
This is how I turned out! Went for a creepy-doll kind of look, and for a first try - I'm pretty pleased with it! Too bad the eyes are out of focus on this picture though, but what ever! :>
 Prettiful Arvid, Rasmus, Henrik, Amanda, Hitler-Henke, Me.

 Me, Amanda, Erica, Kim, Johan, Henke, Skitarg-Kilen, Bengan.
 Rasmus, Kilen, Me, Arvid, Rasmus, PB, Arvid, Kilen, Rasmus, Albin, Kim.
Lots and lots of kisses, over and out! 

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