Thursday, April 26, 2012

NEW IN: Asos sale!

 I <3 Asos sale! There is always some great stuff there, if you pass all the .. not-so-good! One of the things I picked up this time is this bag. It's called a 'bowling bag' as it's really thick, and you can fit quite a big amount of things in there! Would be perfect for a laptop - if I had one! I've been looking at this bag for a few months, so I was very very very very happy when I found it in the sale for the amazing price of only £14!

 Nail polish, like always! I've had a weak spot for glitter lately, so the 500 Disco Ball from Rimmel London fitted my taste perfectly! The Purple Pulse is also really sweet, but more of a fall-colour, if you ask me! £2/each!
 Oh, how much I love BarryM! Maybe not the best quality - but way better than much else! The colours are lovely, and I love the glass bottle! This one is the Peach Melba, which isn't really my personal favourite, but it will fit my prom dress, so I had to have it! £3!
Ring, £1.50

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