Sunday, April 15, 2012


I thought that I would show you a bit of the things that I bought in london, as that's always fun! These are only the thing-things i bought, I also picked up a few clothing items, but I find clothing a bit hard to show, so this will be enough for now! :>
 Nailpolish! In a summer, pastely rainbow! BarryM nailpaint £2.99/each at boots, but I got the 2 for 3 offer, which was great! Angelica nail colour in Violet from Primark, £2! The MUA pink nailpolish was £1 at superdrug. I think i'll get great use of all of them this summer! :>

 I think the bracelet was my favourite thing that I bought all week! It was from the kids section, but it fits - even a bit big! I'm not going to use those sunglasses, but I really loved the watermelon print, so .. I could not pass them up! They will look pretty on my wall, and worst case scenario - I can give them to my niece! ^^.
 Primark Shutter shades - £1 | Primark Cupcake bracelet - £1 | Artbox Memo Pad - £1.60/each | M&S Hello Kitty yogurt candy - 50p/each| 
Artbox lilliput toys stickersack - £1.50 | Artbox letterset - £1.90 | Artbox Powder case - £1.40!

Mhm, I love colourful shopping!
xox, Dollythe ze doll!

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  1. *dreglar* Uppenbarligen behöver jag dra till London! Älskade solglasögonen och armbandet, du kommer bli så söt i dem.