Saturday, April 14, 2012

Call me wapanese.

It's O.K, you can call me a wapanese, but this is simply too awesome. A new song by the ponpon-girl, pure kawaii-fiesta! ^^, I loved the musicvideo to the Ponponpon-song, it was really cute but in a freaky way! This musicvideo is still very kawaii, but less creepy!

I also had to chance to buy a lot of japanese cookies when I was in England, as I had an oriental supermarket just down the road! I love the Mikado-sticks, and the Pocky with banana, the green ones taste like .. nothing but I think the flavor is Green Tea, and it's also rather awkward eating something that's green! >.<'


  1. You also bought pocky! I did the same when I went to England last month. :)
    I bought strawberry, nuts, dark chocolate ones. So yummy!