Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And oh, how I nomnomnom.

Ebay brings happiness, i know this. Cute Plush also brings that sort of enjoyment! You see, i got not one or two - but 8 small envelopes today filled with a lot of cute stuff.  False lashes, a ninja-bag, strawberry nailpolish-remover, earrings and a lot more. That's not the good part though, no. I got my things from Cute Plush today also! I had made an luckybag order that costed only $15 which is barely nothing considering what I got - a baby pink t-shirt with bunnies, a happy cloud-mobile strap and a bunny-pirate button! Everything was really sweet, and I'm already thinking of placing another order ,.. SOON! c:

Dollythe The doll.

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