Monday, September 5, 2011

A love for lolita.

According to an almost-friend of mine, there is a happiness-system. It's really easy to understand if you think like him.
-10 sadness
0  O.K
+10 happiness
like this for an example; being sick is -5, but getting a new dress is +7, you will still end up on the happyside, tus, you will have a good day.
And today, it's been a really-really good day. My head hurts, throat feel icky, can barely think BUT i finally bought it - a pink princess dress! I really can't wait for it to arrive, i'm so-so-happy!

It's not going to look like the thingy above, but the pink colour is right. I'm happy that I diecided to go with the plain, pink one with white underskirt instead of something with poodles on it. I might use this one - quite a bit too.

dollythe ze doll.

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