Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To hell with this, i'm out of here.

Tuesday, meep. Second day of school is already over, thank god. It's fun to meet everyone, but i'm not happy to be back at school. Don't think that I'm the only one that feels like that though. It will be the last year however, and I'm already looking forward to picking out a prom-dress and all that. People are already picking out a graduation-cap, I am not going to get one for the simple reasons;
1. It is overly pricey.
2. I want a mini-version/tiara. 
It is my day, so I should be allowed to feel like a princess, right-oo~~?

I'm to tired to think at the moment, I guess it is time to go to bed, embrace the fact that i'm sehr müde at the moment. 

Dollythe the doll

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