Sunday, August 21, 2011

A time for tests,, not sure if I like it yet but atleast you have to give it a try, yes? I do think that it is easier to upload pictures over there, rather than directly to the blog and it is way better if i want to use them again. On the other hand though, i'm not that great with pictures, and when I do take them - i edit the crap out of them. Makes them look prettier, and I like that.

.. and here comes something even prettier! My little niece turned 4 years old this week, so I was the one given the task to make her a birthdaycake, which i was really glad about, until i realized how bad I am at cakes.
Oddly shaped strawberry, pink&muddy cakie, cupcake shaped cookie. 

ZE CAKE. Maybe the ugliest cake I have ever made, due to the fact that my brother ate the white chocolate i was going to use for the filling, but I like the pink top-colour. I am really-really proud of the cookies i made though, they look like cute little cupcakes c: I think my niece liked the pink colour, but she didn't have time, because she was a princess - and they don't have time for food.

Dollythe the doll.

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  1. it may not be pretty, but it sure looks yummy :D

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