Thursday, August 25, 2011

Longing for lolita

Since I graduate this year, I think this is a perfect time to finally buy the thing I have been longing for - for so-very-long. A lolita-styled JSK. Everyone is going to walk around in pretty white dresses, and there I will be, in something cheerfully colourful. Myes, I would like that a lot. Small-town-people, watch out! I'm not sure of what style I should go for though, due to I wouldn't look cute at all in knee-socks, and it's probably going to be really warm (Hopefully a big lie, i would love for it to rain, giving frizzy hair to everyone, yay) so petticoats might be a no-no, which I find very sad. I love tutus, underskirts, petticoats - but I only have three of them (black, peachy-peach & light electric blue). My first thought was to get a white dress (!) and then just pair it with a colourful underskirt and some pretty shoes, but i can't really make up my mind.
I think this is really pretty though
That thing is home-made by one of the bloggers i follow (which I think everyone should check out, the girl is a big inspiration, and she makes really cute jewellery), but you understand the style though, right? Sweet and really girly lolita, adorable! I really believe that I would feel pretty awesome in a dress like that. I love the fact that the print is made and not store bought too, that way no-one will have the same thing. I could probably sew one, if I ever leave my computer for long enough, which I doubt I will. On the other hand, no-one around here even know the word 'lolita', so i will be fine if I buy one online too. Sadly, i'm from a H&M wearing town, and it is nothing wrong with that, right?

I guess I just have to think about it some more, that's all c:

Dollythe the doll. 

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