Monday, February 20, 2012

OOTD: a bad one.

I .. don't know what happened. This doodle is nothing like I wanted it to be, it really doesn't look like me, that's for sure. I should probably not post it, but in lack of other things, I'll post it anyways!

I bought the dress in London, at Primark. It was reduced to £5 from £12-15, I can't really remember. I just love the warm, orange colour with the gold buttons, which I made black in the picture, for some odd reason.
I love skater-dresses, and this one is adorable on! It's a bit short on me though, which is rather weird, as I'm only 5''2/158cm.

The shoes are just some old Mary Jane pumps I bought ages ago!

xx, Dollythe THE DOLL.


  1. I think the whole idea of doodling your ootd's is SO cute.

    1. Aw, thankyou Frankie! ~~ I'm just too shy to take a real one, that's all :>

  2. I think this is adorable!!

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