Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is exactly why I <3 Ebay & Etsy! I've been on a hunt for a cute, non-expensive vintage dress for quite awhile now, but I've not been able to find anything. Either it's not been my style, or not the right size, or too pricey. One day, I finally found something. A really punkish skaterdress with a pleated skirt, velvet collar and cuffs, in the perfect winter-colours. My size. $10, perfect vintage condition. I was so-so very happy about this. Without much thought, I bought it, and last week it finally got to me!  Fitted like a glove! Nothing to complain about! ^^,

I got the bag from Ebay. I've been looking for this bag for quite some time, after seeing it on other blogs (Cupcake's Clothes have one, in a tan colour). I found one on a swedish site, called Talking Clothes, but that one was a bit expensive for me at £40! I found another one from a british webshop called Temporary Secretary for £18! In the end, I got my from Ebay for around £6! It's not the best of quality, but it's not a bag I'm going to use everyday, so I don't really mind that. Just a fun little thing.

SO SO CUTE right? ^^,

hugs, dollythe THE DOLL.


  1. ^_^ Мне очень понравилось!! =)

  2. Åh, älskar den väskan. Tror att har den för än ett lägre pris än talkingclothes, men fortfarande för dyr. >__<

    1. Mhm.. förstår att man måste lägga på lite på inköpsvärdet, but still, tht's too much! :<

  3. Nice! I am happy that you've found your dress in the end :) And OH! What a good price!

    Have a nice day!

    FollowMe @ swap-bot

    P.S.: I am following you from now on

  4. The bag is really cute and your blog is great!
    Good luck.

    ~disturbia000 swap-bot.