Saturday, February 4, 2012

The LAST cupcake!

Fridays in my school are since last year known as ''teaparty-fridays''. Meaning some little lucky fellow have to bake something sweet and bring to school on friday. My best friend Amalia was supposed to do it this week, but on Thursday night, she told be that she had forgotten it.
What do I do? I bake. My mum was at work, so I had nothing to hold me back.
I'm a bit sad that I can't show you a better picture, as this one was taken late at night with my xperia mini - meaning no good. Either way, it's a vanilla-lemon sponge, with chocolate frosting and fresh strawberries! <3 Taste just like summer should do!

I love making cupcakes, as it is so very easy! Here above are some I made last year, tee-hee! Rainbows & full chocolate! I should really get used to make something else but chocolate frosting, even though that is what I prefer!

NOMNOMNOM the last one at this very moment, xx.

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