Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I wish i bought as christmasgifts!

Holiday-time, cheerfulness, shopping. Everything goes hand in hand. Not many days left now 'til the big day. Christmas eve, Saturday. I'm going to spend this year at my sisters house for the first time, and I think that will be lovley. She got two little cuties, so she feels like it's her turn now. We have up 'til now always been at home, and that's been quite nice, but It's time for a change, indeed. As the time is ticking, the time is running out! Christmas presents! Oh, noes! I'm not done yet, but .. it will turn out good I think! I'm waiting for a order I made with ASOS, which have my mums christmas presents! If i did have some more than though, I found the most lovely gifts online!

 For my brother. 
He looooooooves jelly beans! And this would just be agggrh .. too much awesomeness. 

 For my bestfriend.
Why? She is the bestest of friends, but a bit .. too morbid at times. Nothing wrong with liking cereal-killers? nuuh-uh!

Dollythe, xxx.

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