Saturday, December 10, 2011

Craving: Velvet.

Now and again, I get the urge to buy stuff. Completely different thingies, but still oh-so-necessary. Since I made my darkred, little-riding-hood-cape for halloween, that craving have been things made out of velvet. Dresses, bags - you name it! Soo .. after what have felt like hours, just browsing random clothing sites, and found something. Something great. Something that would make me so so happy. And what is is then? Yes. Easy.
 ... a sailor top MADE OUT OF VELVET. It have the lovely collar and everything! My size, In stock, at Asos. But .. now the hard part. It's from this really unique brand called YMC - and it cost £165. I will never be able to afford that. Not today, not tomorrow. If you're lucky though, you can get it here.
Hurry up, can't be many left as it says low stock! :<


1 comment:

  1. Ask Darth Vader if he can buy you one. He's pretty kool about stuff like that!