Sunday, March 25, 2012


Sunday is my day of nothingness. I rarely have something important to do, and I rarely stay in bed for long either - as I have school on mondays. So, Sundays are my whateverdays, sometimes boring, sometimes fun, sometime useful! Today I've been a rather nice little girl, actually got something done for a change which is nice! I took pictures of stuff to put on ebay, I did the groceryshopping for my granny, sent out  letters and a package, cleaned my room, bought spotify .. which is more than I usually do on Sundays.

Oh, and I also did this!
 Just a simple little hairbow, made out of leftover hotpink velvet!

... I like how my editing made the bow look a different colour in each photo! The first one, is the one that looks most correct, if you're wondering! I love making bows, and I've made quite a few actually! It's so easy, and a nice thing to add to an outfit! My collection of bows are rather big at this moment, maybe I should show it off? ^^,

I also sent out a bunch of letters, for a penpal and swaps! I just LOVE those Miki - envies, they are way too cute to use! Coffee, tea, or me? ^^, I bought them at Janetstore, for something like $0.88 for 4 envies! Rather cheap, me thinkies.

xox, dollythe ZE DOLL!