Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ompfh, home at last! Been away for a couple of days - to Tallinn, Estonia, of all places. Why, you might ask? My mum made me. A ''girls trip'' with just her girls, getting away. Apparently she think that a weekend on a boat with drunk people is a good, relaxing mini-holiday! Well, well! I did have fun with my sister, even though things didn't really turn out so very great. First of all I forgot my camera at home, and I didn't have time to pick up an ipod from my friends, as we were running out of time.

5 hours of bus, 1 night on a boat, 1 day in Tallinn, 1 night on a boat, 5 hours of bus home. Yay.

The shopping in Tallinn was kind of so-so, atleast for me. I don't really like handi-crafted stuff, and I'm no fan of streetsellers. I did however managed to go into a real SANRIO-STORE! Made my day, as we don't have them here in Sweden. The shop was pretty small, but the people working there was really sweet! They only stocked Hello Kitty things though, which I find is a bit sad, as I like other sanrio-characters much better! I also went to Zara, found the cutest peterpan-collared dress in navy, tried it on, fell in love. In the end I didn't buy it, as the price tag was around 55. I do regret that though.
In the end I didn't buy a lot of things. No real reason, but I guess I'm saving for something really special ~~

 This is what I bought in the sanrio-shop!
 A cute little Hello Kitty Plushie, I think this was about €7.50, and it was on sale. Reason? My Christmas Hello Kitty is getting a bit lonely, so I thought she needed a friend.

 A Hello Kitty memo-pad! Yay! This was €1.50, which is rather cheap, I think. On the boat, they had the same on for almost €4. That's really odd if you ask me, as it was a Taxfree shop.
 NAILPOLISH! <3 These ones were actually bought in Sweden, on our way home. They were having a sale, so all the IsaDora nailpolish was down from £6.50-£7 to just £2! Made me really happy! I really like the ''185 Spellbound Black'' one. The name of it is really magical, and the colour comes of black on the nails - but under sunlight it's all blue and shimmerly!
A bow necklace. Statement piece in my wardrobe. Was on sale in some estionian-clothes store for kids. €0.99! Perfect, if you ask me! I didn't have a plain, gray one! 

Anyway, xox, Dollythe THE DOLL.

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  1. Hihi, känns som att Sanrioaffären borde väga upp det mesta.