Tuesday, January 31, 2012


An London outfit of the day, from a few days ago! Gosh, it's been over 2 weeks already! It feels like yesterday, that I was walking the streets of the GREATEST place in Europe - London! Going back ASAP! Easter? Oh, yeah!

And the outfit? Totally Primark. Everything.
Peter Pan Collar t-shirt - £5
Beige skirt - £10 now £5
Mary Janes - £14 now £6
Yellow bag -  £7 now £3

I loooooove that bag. Greatest bag ever. Why? IT HAZ FREAKIN' PONIES INSIDE! I will make a blog-post about that someday, 'cause you all have to see that. It's amazing.

On other things, I'm trying to make my doodles with another black, thicker marker, but I think I like my old way of doing them better! I guess I just have to do a few more until I know for sure!

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