Sunday, January 29, 2012

(hearts) stickerflakes!

I've collected tons of different things during my years, but my biggest collection have to be my stickers! I've .. too many, if there is something like that. It's only lately i've gotten into kawaii-typed stickerflakes! San-x do the cutest ones! I've also started to really-really like Q-lia lately too, how adorable!

Wanna swap?


  1. where do you buy them? :D Ebay?

    1. Oh! I've bought some from, Janetstore and Artbox! But I've gotten most from Penpals, and swaps on :>

  2. Åh, stickers! Hade jättegärna swappat men har inte så många "lösa" stickers kvar, mest sådana på karta. Fast jag har några Monokuro boo+ Hello Kitty colorful bunny (for sale in Japan only) ifall you are interested.Yesh, swenglish is the bajs.