Sunday, June 17, 2012

A vintage dream in mint

 I love what summer do to my room: it makes it all pastely. You see, when may-june arrives, I start to put my summerclothes out, and with that comes all my baby coloured stuff. Dresses, underskirt, cookiejars, necklaces - you name it! One of the things is this dress. It used to belong to my mum, for almost 45 years ago. She had it for her bigbrothers wedding, when she was a flowergirl. It's a bit wrinkled, but I actually like that, it's a great effect to such a simple dress. 
 I love the tulle, it's really sher and romantic. I would want a dress just like this one, I would wear the crap out of it!
 It's homemade, by my old auntie, who also helped me with my promdress. I believe this was one of the first things she actually made herself! It's really well-sewn, and it looks perfect, even though it has quite a few years on it's neck.
 I found this little cookie-jar at a fleamarket last week, and I fell in love instantly. Bunnies are normaly not my cup of tea, but I love anything that's related to cookies, so I just had to have this one! It costed me 5SEK/50p/$1, which is really a bargain, if you ask me! :>

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